Teacher Tourist Etiquette

At Teacher Tourist we appreciate that our members have high professional standards. We would like to extend these standards to govern the use of our site. To help ensure this please follow the guidelines below so that we can ensure that we achieve many successful and smooth Home swaps and Hostings whilst maintaining a happy and contented community of Teacher Tourists.


Respect – respect for others and their property is at the heart of  Teacher Tourist community. We ask that you please

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Respect the property you are staying in, the surroundings and the neighbours.
  • If you lose or break something, inform the owner and offer to pay for it or replace it.
  • Maintain polite and constructive communication at all time.
  • We define Respect as – due regard for the feelings, property, wishes, or rights. 

Reviews Once you have completed you home swap it really helps if you complete a review of your experience. This will assist others in making good choices and may help the owners improve the overall experience. Please do this promptly and fairly, include details of the area, facilities, transport…  make this an overall review of your experience rather than one of just the property. Please adhere to the Respect guidelines by adding only constructive comments with appropriate examples.

Enquiries Please respond promptly to fellow Teacher Tourist requests none of us like waiting, especially when you’re planning flights and excursions. Always follow up each message you receive even if it is only with a a “ with are considering your request and will get back to you soon” or a simple “no thank you”. It would be fantastic if you could reply within 24 hours.

Contacting Members Please only contact members directly through our site. Our listings page will often answer many of your general enquiries so please look carefully before contacting the owner. All communication should bear in mind our Respect guidelines .

Advertising your Home Please ensure your listing is an honest  reflection of your home. Our aim is  to ensure that all our Teacher Tourists are pleasantly surprised when they arrive at their destination Please agree well in advance any special arrangements or details that apply to your swap, Any pet or plants that need care should have clear and detailed instructions. A point of contact in case of emergencies is critical. Where to collect and deliver the key to. Try not to leave this until the last minute as it may cause people to change their plans. Leave  your home clean and tidy, just as you would expect them to leave it at the end of their stay.

Cancellation Cancellation should be avoided. Remember that you have committed to the swap, and your exchange teacher may have booked and paid for (non-refundable) flights, activities and tours. By agreeing to an exchange, you have given your exchange teacher the green light for their holiday. If exceptional circumstances occur notify them as soon as possible and liaise with them to try and find alternative accommodation. This guidelines are in place to help everyone get the most out of the Teacher Tourist experience.

Repeated failure to observe these guidelines will result in your withdrawal from the Teacher Tourist community.