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Guidelines for arranging a Home Swap

At Teacher Tourist we want to ensure that you home exchange goes smoothly so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday. A great way to ensure that you have no unwelcome surprises is to have an agreement in place before you swap. This is not an absolute or legal requirement but it will give you that extra piece of mind before you set out on your travels. This will be a most important reference document should any small issues arise during your stay. (E.g. What happens if you lock yourself out) The agreement below is just a suggestion of what the two parties can discuss before agreeing a mutually beneficial exchange.

Please feel free to use this as a basis of you agreement, you may wish to add to it or reword some sections, but don’t forget that this is a reciprocal agreement and one that will allow you both to have a fantastic relaxed holiday. The principles of Trust and Respect are inherent to the Teacher Tourist concept.

Dear fellow Teacher Tourist,

Thank you for agreeing to exchange homes with us, we are excited at the prospect of visiting your home and eager to ensure the smooth hand over and completion of our exchange.  To assist with this we would  like to confirm and agree the details as outlined below. The details listed below reflect the general running of our home, the contact points, check in times and any further requests or requirements.

If you have any further detailed requests or queries please let us know so that we can amend  the agreement. (for example the use of a Car or arranged airport collection). I am sure that we can quickly arrange these formalities and then focus on enjoying each other’s homes.

Kind Regards

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Teacher Tourist Suggested Home Swap Agreement…

*Legal Disclaimer: Teacher Tourist are solely facilitators of Teacher Home Swaps, individual members are responsible for the detail and consequences of any agreement for their  home swaps. Please ensure you are happy with this agreement and that you have adequate home and travel insurance in place before you make any commitments or agreements.

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