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Thank you for requesting a Home Swap

This page displays  the details of things you could consider before finalising your home swap. Please take a look and adjust as neccasary.

This can also be downloaded here.  Teacher Tourist Agreement

To help organise your swap and to make sure our it runs smoothly please read through the agreement below. You can then fill in the parts that relate to you half of the swap. This document can then form the basis of your  agreement. Should anything change prior to the date of exchange please inform the other party as soon as possible.  

The Home Swap Agreement

Home Swaps are based on a trusting and respectful relationship. To ensure that each party is clearly aware of what is expected of them please read, adjust and add to the the following  list of expectations.

  1. Both parties  agree to provide vacant possession or unhindered access to the  properties on the dates stated within this agreement.
  2. Both parties  agree to leave the homes in a clean and tidy condition for the arrival and enjoyment of the incoming exchanger. On departure, on or before the above date, both parties agree to leave your home in  the same clean and tidy condition as received
  3. Both parties will care for and respect each others homes and belongings,
  4. Both parties guarantee that only the agreed persons listed in this agreement, will stay in the property overnight.
  5. Both parties  will leave detailed information about their home and  use of equipment.
  6. Both Parties agree to provide details of a Local Contact who could assist with emergencies, hand over of Keys  and any other important matters that arise.
  7. Both parties  will provide wardrobe and drawer space for clothes…
  8. Both parties  agree to replace or reimburse the cost of any minor damage caused during the exchange period and  to cover the cost of any excess should an insurance claim be necessary for more major damage.  
  9. Both parties agree to replace or reimburse the cost any and all food and general household items used.
  10. Both parties agree to water any house or garden plants as stipulated in the agreement in accordance with the instructions given.
  11. Both parties agree to to respect any off limit areas of the home and garden.


By signing below both parties acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Terms and  Conditions of Home Swap detailed therein.

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Teacher Tourist  2


Please note having an agreement is strongly recommended by Teacher Tourist. This agreement is  only intended as a guide to what you should included in yours. Each of our properties is different and so the expectations  and rquirments will differ. Please also be sensitive and respectful to the needs of varying locations, values and  cultures. If you are unhappy with the response or authenticity of the requested swap you should politely decline the offer and seek a more suitable partner listing. Please report any abusive or inappropriate behavior to Teacher Tourist.