Teacher Tourist

Home swap- How it Works in three easy Steps


 Step 1 –   Add

The first stage is to Register yourself and your home. This is easily done by completing the details on the Add Your Home Page.


Step 2 – Browse

You can now look through our listings and discover the locations and properties available for you to swap with.


Step 3 – Arrange

Teacher Tourist is planning to launch this service in January 2017.

Teacher Tourist Etiquette

At Teacher Tourist we appreciate that our members have high professional standards. We would like to extend these standards to govern the use of our site. To help ensure this please follow our guidelines so that we can achieve many successful and smooth Home swaps and Hostings whilst maintaining a happy and contented community of Teacher Tourists. Our Guidelines can be found here…  


Truly Global

Our research indicates that there are currently over 500,000 international teachers out there, and that doesn’t include all the schools the UK or the United States or indeed any other state sponsored school around the globe. Teacher Tourist has identified over 2500 International schools in over 150 countries so far! As we expand we will be targeting all of your usual favorite destinations as well as some of the more far flung corners of the planet.  So if you are looking for short break that is only a few hours away or even if you our an adventurer looking for a truly global experience Teacher Tourist has something for you.

Trusted Professionals

Teacher Tourist was conceived to serve education professionals around the Globe. Teachers are trusted professionals who are regularly vetted as part of the employment process. This gives you the peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing that your home couldn’t be in better hands.