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Step 1 – Add your Home

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Register with Teacher Tourist – 

the Add Your Home page


Get started by getting some great photos of your home and Local Area:



Take photos of all the important rooms including the bathroom and kitchen.

Use the photos to highlight the best or most interesting features of your home.

Take your pictures on a sunny day, or if necessary put all the lights on.

Try using a wide angle shot and take pictures from different angles and perspectives.



Tidy up and remove any clutter.

Clean your home.

Empty all the bins and close cupboard doors.

Tidy shelves and clear away magazines and books from surfaces.

Clear Kitchen work surfaces of excess gadgets and clutter.


Remove your personnel items such as toothbrushes from the bathroom.

If you have a Garden or Balcony or great view. Show it off.

Take a few pictures of the local attractions and amenities.

Avoid stock computer images, these are usually obvious and degrade your listing.

Now to add the important details

We will ask you to upload important details about your home and location so that other Teacher Tourists can browse to see if your home matches their needs.

On the Add Your Home page we will ask you to add: 

Example 1 listing

– A Phrase to describe your home.

– How many bedrooms you have

– The detailed description of your homes attributes.

– Details of your local area.

– Some statistics about your homes occupancy.

– Details of your general location.

– The type of exchange you are interested in.

– Information on your home/local amenities

– Pictures, Videos.

All of the details you have entered will help your home become more attractive to others. All you need to do is answer the list of Questions on the Add Your Home page and upload you new photographs. Once you have submitted your listing one of our experts will review and approve your entry onto our website. Our listing our growing rapidly and soon we will be launching the remaining features of the website. This will then allow you to contact other Teacher Tourists to arrange House Swaps, Postings…..

Congratulations! You have now become a fully active Teacher Tourist.