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Do you have a furry family member?

Are you a teacher and pet owner who likes to spend a good portion of your well earned holidays travelling? Or, would you like to travel more but struggle to find reliable and cost effective pet sitters. More than nine in ten pet owners consider their pets to be a member of the family, which means that you will want your pet to receive the best care while you are away. If, like us, you are international teachers, the challenge of getting somebody to look after your pet can be far more difficult as you will have no family to call upon and your expatriate friends will also be returning home or travelling during the school holidays. This is why the Teacher Tourist pet sitting service could be your answer.

How does it work?

Well, there are two options available. You can do a home exchange with a fellow Teacher Tourist who is willing to look after your pet. The other option, is to use a Teacher Tourist pet sitter to care for your pet at your home while you are away. They stay in your home for free and in return you get free pet sitting. If you are a teacher in need of a pet sitter or a teacher who loves pets and likes to travel, register with Teacher Tourist, there will be a holiday option to suit you.

Serving Teachers Around the Globe


Have You heard about Teacher Tourist?

Teacher Tourist is a web-based business dedicated to delivering a broad range of services and opportunities to international teachers. Our aim is to support your travel and career aspirations and help you navigate the world. The Teacher Tourist team consist of four experienced International Teachers. We believe that other business organizations do not currently provide adequate travel services and their scope and delivery have not sufficiently attended to the wants and needs of the international teaching community. See more…


Welcome to a new world of choice and freedom.

As our name suggests, Teacher Tourist is here to help you locate, connect and arrange home swaps with other teachers from around the globe. But what exactly is a Teacher Home Swap?
The best way to describe this is to picture it as an alternative to staying in a hotel, bed and breakfast or Airbnb style accommodation. This has several advantages.
The most obvious perk being that no monetary exchange takes place. Your home swap experience will be See more…


Teacher Hosting. Is this a good idea?

Yes, in fact it’s a brilliant idea. Why? Because by being a member of Teacher Tourist you are a member of a trusted community of teachers, who share like minds and similar experiences. So, if you are gregarious, have a spare bedroom, can accommodate a guest or two, and would like to share your knowledge, then this is the service for you. How exactly does this work? Well, as a Teacher Tourist you can make it work in a variety of ways. Free – Just enjoy the company of others while they stay in your home.  ‘I host you’ and ‘You host me’ See more…


Teacher Tourist Mini Swaps.

For those of you who like the idea of home swapping but think that planning a long haul swap is a big initial step, Teacher Tourist would like to introduce the Mini Swap. A way of dipping your toe in the ocean before you cross it. We all know that home swapping makes sense, socially and financially. Having the knowledge that your swap partner works in education, just like you do, brings added security. If you would like to take a paddle before you dive straight in, the Mini Swap may be just what you need. This swap could be See more…


Fed up with holiday prices?

Recent research from a travel currency website named Fair FX reveals that the average cost of a summer holiday increases by a massive 35% during the school holidays. Even more shocking are the price hikes during the school holidays from such well known companies as Thomas Cook, who increased their prices by up to 115% and First Choice whose prices van rise by 104%. As a result, over 50,000 UK parents have decided to take their families on holiday during the school term. So how can teachers avoid these See more…


Authentic Travel.

Do you like to get beyond the sightseeing tours and gift shops when you are on holiday? If so please beware of the travel companies who are purporting to offer “Authentic Travel”. Why ? Because you may well find that your holiday becomes dominated by a travel schedule that will take you on a whistle stop tour of the latest and most profitable tourist hotspots, souvenir shops and the restaurants that pay the tour operator the best commission. Your stay at a western style hotel and travelling on fancy air-conditioned  See more…