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Teacher Tourist

Serving Teachers around the Globe

Teacher Tourist allows you to experience the world of teachers from across the globe. You can discover new countries and cultures, meet like minded people and build your network of new international friends. Teacher Tourist  helps you save money as you explore the world by sharing other’s homes, amenities and hospitality. Our experience shows us that teachers find this service attractive for many reasons, the primary one being that home exchanges are much easier to coordinate with people who share similar holiday schedules. Teacher Tourist offers you this and adds a number of unique twists. Why not sign up today and start engaging in this world of opportunity!


Teacher Home Swap

Teacher Tourist offers you the opportunity to connect with and exchange homes with other teachers. This service is a great money saver and opportunity to step into the lives of other international teachers.


Teacher Hosting

Teacher Tourist offers Teacher Hosting. This is different to House Swap and encourages teachers to host other teachers in their homes. You may offer this either as a free service or include room rates within your listing.


Teacher Mini Swaps

Teacher Tourist offers mini swaps, similar to Home Swap but for short breaks that usually take place closer to home and can be more spontaneous. You can sign up for this as part of your Home Swap listing. You just need to tick the box!


Teacher Guide

Teacher Tourist offers you the opportunity to serve as a guide to other international teachers who visit your location. You can introduce them to the area, the most interesting sites and the best restaurants. Take them to a show or a sports event!


Teacher Tourist 

Teacher Tourist some reactions: “What a great concept!”  “Really interesting… I would love to join..” “That’s wonderful! I am interested to join.” “Please count me in.”


Teacher Home & Pet Sitters

Teacher Tourist knows how difficult it can be to go on a holiday while the pets remain at home. Who will care for them? Check out our International Teacher Pet, House and Plant Sitters Service!

Please note that all map locations are approximate and are intended only to give an approximate idea of actual location.

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